Me and the Grail

· Reading Time: 4 minutes

I spent last evening reading a small book about the Holy Grail. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since I saw a movie about King Arthur when I was a young lad. I was totally enamored by the Knights of … Read More

What is Gnosticism?

Another overriding theme in Brown’s book The Lost Symbol is that the deeper philosophy of Freemasonry comes from Gnosticism—an early Christian belief system whose adherents accepted the knowledge of Pagan religions as helpful in discerning the truth about the nature … Read More

The Path of the Esotericists Among Us

The German Hermeticist, Franz Bardon, observed; “there is a fundamental problem with truth. It depends on the insight of the individual.” Bardon was right. Each one of us sees truth from the standpoint of our particular environment, education, maturity, religious … Read More

Can Any Of Us Say What God Is Not?

No man should ever be proud of ignorance. Given the total knowledge available in the world, ignorance is inevitable. But it should never be a source of self-satisfaction. And yet, a lot of men claim that “not knowing” is a … Read More