A Relevancy for All Time

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There are those who believe that Freemasonry is not unlike many civic or nonprofit organizations that conduct weekly or monthly meetings for the purpose of carrying out the adopted aims of their group. Those who belong usually come together at … Read More

Fraternalism–The Lost Word in Charity

Any study of the beginnings of Freemasonry will clearly show that fraternalism was the first and most distinguishing characteristic of Masons and Masonry. We are, above everything else, our own brother’s keeper. This has been the raison d’ etre which … Read More

The Meaning Behind the Myth of Hiram

Most Grand Jurisdictions have adopted what we as Masons know as the “Fundamental Principles” of Freemasonry. These have been republished many times, and represent what we often think of as the “Ancient Masonic Usages,” or foundational rules of our Fraternity. One of … Read More

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