The Journey of the Elu to Enlightenment (color edition)




The Scottish Rite is the most philosophical of all the branches of Freemasonry. It meets the brother immediately following his awakening to the condition of his own life, with all its challenges and victories. It directs him on a new journey of self-discovery; of personal and spiritual growth. It provides him a higher understanding of how this newly discovered light and mindfulness can then be played out in the real world and become a guiding force in his life. The Rite offers a facilitated path for each Initiate to find and apply the best that is within him in all the activities of his life.This journey is nothing less than the journey to the mature masculine soul. This book takes a new look at how the teachings of the Scottish Rite serve both the individual and humanity in advancing the ideals of peace, enlightenment, and freedom for all mankind. It introduces the themes and quests of the Rite, and outlines how each degree or level of instruction fulfills an important element in the attainment of three of Freemasonry’s highest principles—enlightenment, freedom, and toleration. It also recognizes that the historical settings, language, pageantry, and form of instruction of the degrees were all penned during the 18th and early 19th centuries. As beautiful and meaningful as these are, the presentations can create a disconnect between the ancient settings of the teachings and the contemporary life of the men who experience them. This work is an effort to bridge the gap between the ancient symbols, themes, quests, and philosophies offered by the Scottish Rite; and how these profound ideas can be communicated, understood, and applied in today’s world.

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