2020 Grand Lodge Fundraiser


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The Masonic fraternity in Oklahoma is conducting a raffle to give away a new 1/2 ton pickup valued at $65,000 to the lucky winner in a drawing to be held in November. $5 of every ticket sold goes to the lodge of the Brother who sells the ticket. The balance goes to support Oklahoma Masonry.

I am inviting my Facebook friends to purchase as many tickets as they want by making a PayPal payment on my website. The plan is to sell a total of only 15,000 tickets.
Those are very good odds for a chance to own a new vehicle! You don’t have to be present to win; and, if you prefer, you can opt to sell the pickup back to the dealer by simply paying the taxes.

I would be delighted if you were the winner! You will help both my lodge and the Oklahoma Grand Lodge! I look forward to hearing from you!

Robert G Davis
Guildhall Lodge #553


Rules are available on the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma website, here: